What to expect from your Deliveroo photoshoot and your exclusive discount

There are three different types of Deliveroo photoshoots:

  • Hero only
  • 5 single dishes + Hero
  • 15 single dishes + Hero

The most common type requested by Deliveroo is 5 single dishes + Hero


Single dishes

Each dish is shot from two different angles. The images must contain only the dish itself and no other dishes, cutlery, props or raw ingredients. The dish must correspond exactly to a single item on your menu whether that be a main meal, side dish, starter or even a meal deal.


Hero shot

The hero shot is an image of a selection of dishes. This must be shot from above and must include at least 3 whole dishes. At least 3 different variations will be shot. It often works well to fill the gaps in between dishes with sauces and cutlery.


All I require from you is some space, a surface to shoot on and for the dishes to be prepared on time. I will arrive at the time agreed and will set up my lighting equipment in the first 10-15 minutes. You can choose from a selection of simple backgrounds to place the dishes on or we can use one of the surfaces in your establishment. I will then shoot the single dishes first and the hero shot at the end. It helps if you have a list of the names of each of the single dishes as they appear on your menu as I will need these names when it comes to uploading the images.


Please see the frequently asked questions below for more information or alternatively please do not hesitate to give me a call on 07791970507 or send me an email at

Exclusive Discount

50% off regular mini shoot price for extended Deliveroo shoots


For only £100, I will spend a little longer with you on the day of your shoot to shoot additional images for your own use. I will capture and professionally edit a minimum of 2 angles per dish for up to 5 dishes and will deliver them to you in both web and high res qualities and you are free to use them however you wish.

Alternatively, for the same price I can capture more dishes in the same style for you to add to your Deliveroo menu at a later date. I will capture up to 10 additional dishes for the flat fee of £100 if shot as an extension of the same Deliveroo photoshoot.

Please contact me to find out more and to arrange this prior to the photoshoot or if you have any further requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I arrive, it normally takes about 10-15 minutes for me to setup my lighting equipment and camera so depending on the time it takes to prepare your meals you can either prepare them in advance or wait until I arrive if the dishes do not take long to prepare. The food does not need to be hot for the photographs, but it must look the same as the customer would receive it normally.

This depends on the number of dishes Deliveroo have requested. The most common is 5 but sometimes it can be as many as 15. Each dish should represent a single item or meal deal on your menu and groups of similar dishes cannot be photographed together for the single dish shots.

It is entirely your choice as to which dishes you choose for the shoot. My recommendation is to choose a variety of dishes. It would be wise to include any signature dishes that are unique to your establishment. It also works well if you choose a selection of starters, mains and side dishes if possible in your selection. Another consideration should be the colour of your dishes. Colourful dishes work well especially when it comes to the hero shot so try to avoid all the dishes being the same colour if possible.

The shoot normally lasts about an hour from start to finish for a 5 dish shoot provided there are no delays with the food.

The shoot takes place at your premises unless there is no suitable space to shoot in. If there is no space to shoot in then I am able to collect the food and shoot the dishes at home.

All you need to provide is the food and a suitable surface and space to shoot in. I can provide plain white plates if required and will bring a selection of simple backdrops for you to choose from if the table surface is not be suitable.

Unfortunately, the images I take are the property of Deliveroo and I am not able to share these with you. However, as I will already be visiting, I can offer a reduced rate on my mini shoot package and would be happy to take more photos of the food you have prepared for your own purposes. For just £100, I will deliver at least two angles of each dish in both web/social media quality and high resolution with an unlimited licence to use them as you wish.

Unfortunately, I am only able to upload the number of dishes requested in the Deliveroo shoot. If 5 dishes have been requested then I am not able to upload any more than 5. However, if you wish to have more dishes on you Deliveroo menu then I am able to shoot these at an additional cost and provide you with the images to send on to Deliveroo at a later date. This can either be at a later date to shoot more dishes for you or if you wish to take advantage of the mini shoot discount then I am able to shoot up to 10 additional dishes for your menu for the flat rate of £100.